Soundcore Stories | Meet The Collective

In this week’s episode of Soundcore Stories, we’re talking about manifesting your fear and turning it into success!

On this episode, I spoke to The Collective, a band from the East Midlands in the UK. We delve into their back story and talk about how they avoid comparing themselves with others. Plus, we discuss some tough topics like “Does success kill creativity?” and “Does social media affect a person’s ability to grow?” :astonished:

Check out The Collective’s track, Time:

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What was your favorite part of the podcast? Let me know in the comments :point_down:


Thanks for an interesting podcast @william.ward
In my opinion the best question was what would you change if you would restart your career. The answer nothing is cool as well :sunglasses:


I didnt look at.
But this is a real good question, you mentioned.
I am retired now, but if I would get a chance to restart…
I would do the same.
Informatics -> working at an university.


Will look at it soon but i thought it was all the collectives admin

Thanks for posting this. I plan to check it out later tonight! :+1:

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Nice podcast…

Nice podcast…