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This week, @sean.L sat down with Philip Larsen, an audio producer who won a GRAMMY for his work on Kylie Minogue’s track, “Come Into My World”.

During the podcast, Philip and Sean discuss what it’s like working with major pop artists on remixes of their songs, what it’s like to use Liberty 3 Pro while you’re on tour, and figuring out where you fit in with all of the new upcoming artists, producers, and engineers.

Philip has also experienced what it’s like when one of your own songs from years ago goes viral! The track currently has over 3 billion views on TikTok, over 100 million streams on Spotify, and its success has led to a recording contract with a major label. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this story! Check out the song here:

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Thanks for sharing another entertaining Podcast. You guys were very entertaining Philip and Sean. :clap:

My favorite parts were Philip talking about going to LA for the Grammy’s and not getting into the parties (Too funny). I also enjoyed him talking about the L3P’s. All in all a very entertaining Podcast! :+1:

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This was a nice episode! I liked when he was talking about the Liberty 3 Pro - I’m always curious about what people think of Soundcore products! :relaxed:

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A very nice stream…

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Thanks for new episode. Nice👍

Thanks for sharing another very fun podcast. Finally got a chance to listen this weekend.

Always enjoy the on air chemistry between Sean and guest :slightly_smiling_face: