Soundcore Stories Podcast | Meet the Florida Finalists

On the second episode of our Coast to Coast mini-series, we’re meeting the Florida Team, which is made up of:

Charlee Bravo


You can CLICK HERE to check out their songs on the Florida Finalists playlist.

@sean.L and @william.ward got to know the members of the team, find out how they’re feeling about the competition, their messages to the other teams, and more!

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Thanks for the podcast. Will try to listen soon

Will have to give it a listen tomorrow for sure! Always love the Soundcore podcasts

Will check it later. Thanks

Well done podcast @sean.L I especially enjoyed the Q about future collabs with other LUM artists.

Also nice to have them give a selected song to check out :slight_smile: both mike and charlee sound pretty grounded.

Thinking they be in tough against the PA crew though!

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Thanks for the podcast.
I will try to listen to later.

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