Soundcore strike 3 software

I just bought the headset and i can’t seem to access the download site to the software at all it just gives me a blank page
I’ve tried everything from different devices to vpns and different connections i even got my friend from another country try it and it still doesnt load the page for the download lol
Does anyone have a solution ? I can’t seem to find it anywhere

Solutions will have the support.
They will help you.
Contact them.

Support is the only place to try for it now as it looks to not to be there now as I do not see it there either.

I have the Strike 1 which is the same but less functionality but do think I know why it is not there now other than a site change.

I personally think the headset are flawed myself in the time that I had them. I will say that I still have them but they are now a one earcup headset due to the sliding band breaking.

I think over time the headset sliding mechanism will eventually start to crack due to a constant pressure from wearing them. The reason is you tend to wear them at the same level in the sliding section and over time it makes that section to crack due to the pressure against your head.

If you have a smaller head and the sliders do not come out, you will be ok but if you have a bigger head then there may be an issue with it cracking. Mine took about like 2 to 3 months to crack… I normally just left them stay in the same place in the slide.

If you do have to slide them out, I would suggest to slide them back in and it may help extend the life as you may be able to not to have them at the same spot.

Although the slider are thin, they really needed a band of metal for additional support.