Soundcore wellness

Soundcore app + Liberty4 headphones.
I would like when it is running soundcore wellness and start exercise, it is not possible to close the application without asking. Data lost.

Another workout and lost data. Custom workouts training turned itself off. The application was blocked from closing in Android.

Another self-training ended spontaneously and did not save. Is there any recovery option?

I checked if the problem occurs on another phone. Samsung A40 connected to account and headphones. The problem did not occur. Therefore, I have given all possible permissions to the Soundcore application on the Xiaomi Mi10T Pro phone. Everything is working properly. I don’t know which permission worked or whether several permissions worked together. The problem has been fixed, training sessions are recorded. Maybe someone else will encounter this problem, it will save time. It’s a pity that the necessary permissions were not granted during the program installation.