Soundcore's speakers

Hope not boring so much with that thread.
But other forumners didn’t have the chance to get in touch with different Soundcore speakers.

At the moment I use ZERO, MOTION+ and FLARE.
Others have been given to family and friends.

Listening to the FLARE at the moment.
For me its the really “all around” speaker.
Not expensive, quite small, not heavy, great sound.

Number ONE!
What is your opinion?

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Flare is number 1!

I also like the Ace A0 :grin:

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I consider my Flare(s) as the go to speaker, a good all rounder with excellent battery life, size to weight ratio and of course the 360 sound design gives even playback no matter where anyone sits.

My Zero is most used for CD and Hi-Res playback at home, closely followed by the Motion+ (each takes it turn as the other charges :grin:)…


Really THE SAME here, Neil. :smile:

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For Casual music - Flare Mini is my go to speaker!

Poor thing has fallen into water and drowned more than 10 times now but comes up floating :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Flare is my go to speaker if I want something portable.

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For overall quality I have to agree with you that the flare is the best overall, but I do find myself using the boost more often because when I am working I want more bass. The boost does have more bass than the flare, but when quality matters or I need something extra rugged then I use the flare. The boost doesn’t come near the flare in ruggedness or quality.

My sister uses the flare mini all the time and she loves it, it’s a great speaker.


My daughter likes the ICON MINI.
She likes it,because its perfectly tiny (The little gulliver :slight_smile: )
Easy to carry around and it is “chic”, nice design with a real great sound.
I was asking her if she wants another one : NO! :smiley:

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We use the flares on a regular basis with the MarsII projector, but I find myself using the Zero more often now when I’m in the front room office at home. My wife streams gaming, I do all my computer work and reviews there now, and my son does his homework when hes home. So that front room office is our gathering space so to speak, so we use the Zero to help time go by rocking to whatever jams that are playing at the time

I’ll only comment on those speakers that I own, so…

#1 Soundcore 2
#2 Soundcore Motion Q
#3 Soundcore Motion B
#4 Soundcore Sport