#soundcoresessions - suggestions for next up?

Good day community,

I’m looking to see who you might be interested in having the soundcore crew approach for doing a #soundcoresession in the future. Although there are no guarantees that the artist suggested would be obtainable…

Here are a couple I’d be interested in seeing on a live session:

Mackenzie porter - country singer / songwriter

These days - video

Kina Grannis - contemporary singer songwriter

Crawl - video

If you have somebody in mind, please post up your suggestion and some links for others to check out.

Thanks and look forward to seeing your picks.

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Peter Hollens? One of his lesser known collaborators perhaps? Lots to discuss there with the process of making his music videos with the multi layered voice combinations.

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Marc Rebillet -> https://www.youtube.com/user/marcrebillet

Haley Reinhart -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwXYEA4cQYBSqYQDkN5xQzA


Hmm interesting guess I’ll have to check these out

I don’t have specific named people but I’d like guests which can speak to:

  • meet the engineer. I’d like to meet the engineer who designed a product and what they were thinking, why they had the specific combination. I’d like to understand their challenges, compromises.

  • the science of hearing, how we enjoy sounds, so a medical type person.

  • a blind person who specialises in music, who can speak to how their senses are same / different.

Nice choices, Marc Rebillet is quite the interesting character…

@jercox nice suggestion too, the collabs have quite high production value.