#SoundcoreSundays Need You!

Hey Guys,

If you haven’t already been tuning in to our #SoundcoreSunday podcasts then you’ve missed out on some outrageous content. Go back and listen to all the pods immediately!

Here’s a clip about making a Grammy Award-winning record.

And here’s one about breaking into KPOP.

And for the next two weeks, we have an extra special little treat! We’re turning the podcast round on you guys in the Collective; it’s #YourSoundcoreSundays.

We want to talk to someone in the community about everything and anything. From their favorite products to music and life and everything in between. But how are we going to choose the guest? That’s where you guys come in!

We want you guys to nominate someone who you’d like to know more about. Maybe it is someone with a cool story to tell or a member who you’d be interested in hearing from, or you might even have something you want to get off your own chest? Feel free to nominate yourself!

Just leave a comment below with your nomination. We’ll make a poll at the end of the week for everyone to vote on. The winner will come on our podcast (only if they want to, of course!).

Also, if you have been listening to the podcast, it would be great if you could leave a rating. It really helps spread the word.


Don’t really have a nomination so I’ll wait for the poll to make my choice. Can’t wait to see who gets picked.

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Not me. please!
Though I know I will NEVER get chosen.

I don’t want to talk and I don’t have to tell you much!

There are younger and much more interesting persons here.


Bring Flossy Carter on the podcast

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Hmm no nominations from me either. Will just wait for the poll

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I will start the community nominations. I will go with @TechMan or @Tank


I think I’m going to throw @The_Professor into the mix because I always feel like he has some great insight on topics.


I’d love to chat with a whole bunch of you guys! But, seeing as a bunch of you have already said no :wink: I’ll nominate @Duane_Lester, @TechMan, @Tank, @TechnicallyWell and @ndalby.


see I wanted to nominate you but since you asked so nicely i will respect those wishes


You know what I think I’ll put in a name @Hannah .
Seems like a good fit, getting to know the person behind the weekly updates.


I agree with these nominations! And I’m excited to hear the next 2 episodes.

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Thanks for the nomination :grinning:


ooo yeah and @Will I feel like he posts and we don’t really know him as well either


Definitely Chiquinho then. I am sure he has the most interesting stories of anyone on here, they keep leaking out in the comments section…


I’d like to nominate the following, three of which have given interesting snippets of themselves in the past and probably have more interesting tales in bank to share…

@Chiquinho @Tank @Professor2 @Hannah (the person behind the scenes keeping us updated)


Thank you, we know each other,:rofl:

There are so many more enthusiastic family members here who would have fun to take part and the others would like to listen.

This is a good team to talk with.



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I’m going to throw some names in the hat too…

@TheSnarkyOne @ktkundy @Duane_Lester


Oh now that would be interesting… thanks for the nom @sean.L

i’d be in for the next step at least :wink:

{Edit added my nom noms for others}
I’d second a couple of others (too many to chose from…)
@ktkundy @Duane_Lester @Tank @waggs181 and maybe @Ice

Looking forward to the poll… teehee