Space A40 "creating noise!" when ANC or transparency is ON!

Hello spacers, i have a problem with space A40 earbuds, I’ve had such a great experience for the first weeks since i got them then the left side started creating a weird distorted noise when it’s on ANC or transparency mode!

Alongside a whistling sound created by the in ear microphone i suppose, every time i move the earbud in & out or shake my head.

The whistle sound have been present since the unboxing moment, it’s present only on one side, sometimes on both but mostly on the left side only. It’s annoying but not a problem, the noise it creates randomly is tho, it’s really disturbing and loud and also interferes with music and lowers its quality by like 50%.

Also, sometimes the left ear creates a hiss or white noise that’s very noticeable and feels like it’s warming up the ear and has kinda a warm air feel into it : /

Have anyone experienced these issues on a space A40 product?
(i tried everything from reseting, cleaning the dust even tho there isn’t any, pushing air in and out from the holes, shaking them, changing modes, nothing helped. They do get back to normal time to time but the problem reappears randomly again and again…)

Replace under warranty

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Well, it’s June now. I have identical problems to yours, left side feedback, but don’t have the hiss and warming issue. In noise canc or transparent mode, the mic is in play which is why I think it is never a problem in Normal mode. I also suspect the feedback is not through the air but mechanical, i.e. through the device itself. It’s only in play when the earbud is squeezed a certain way or pressed a certain way then released. That tells me some parts are intermittently touching and they shouldn’t. No mention at Soundcore. Did you get this solved? I am going to pursue replacement, I have hopes for these cheap buds.

I have exactly the same problem on mine, whistling on left bud and also very very low sound output…only had since march 23 hopefully soundcore will replace