Space A40 - Loud screeching noise from feedback

There’s an ongoing bug with Space A40 earbuds where the earbuds can sometimes make an extremely loud, high-pitched screeching noise. It’s been reported before on this forum as well as on Reddit. It’s loud enough to cause hearing damage, making them potentially dangerous to wear. It’s loud enough to be heard by someone else 10 feet away.

It sounds like some sort of mic-speaker feedback loop. There’s a potential firmware fix for this (limiting the max sound output or preventing the loop in the first place). Without an update, I’m not sure what other solutions exist.

Same with the Soundcore Life P3. Testable: Close your hand with the earphones inside and if you block the mic with slight pressure you will hear a high pitch release WHEN IN ANC:TRANSPARENCY mode. Which means I risk injury if I wear these in Transparency mode and happen to cover or pressure the earphones in such. This is wrong. Anker, you need to immediately call these back or recompense customers next purchase and fix this tech. You don’t want to be the brand that caused customers injury.