Space One available $100

This is the A3045 which hit FCC June 25th

So the suprise isn’t the headphones but how long it took from FCC til launch, usually it’s 6 weeks.

Got myself the Q45 in the Prime Day sales so I’m good for headphones for at least the warranty period. My Q30 died out of warranty so didn’t want to wait for these Q45 successor.


I will say that I do like the blue color.

Grats on getting the 45s. Can you tell a big difference or not?

Was going to order this morning but never got the coupon code

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Q45 is worse than Q30. ANC worse. Even though all reviews said opposite. But £56 was a good price.


If in doubt wait. Discounts will be along as sure as night following day.

20% is a common “offer”.

If can’t wait just email them I’m sure a code would come NBD.

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Canada only offers the black ones, whack. Also no coupon code either. I’ll wait for a sale then I guess.

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Yeah, hard to beat the price.

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Bought the Space One. Not going back to others. So comfy…