Sport X10 app controls question


I already have a Liberty 3 Pro and am thinking of getting the Sport X10 for my more active moments. In the Android app for the Liberty 3 Pro, I can change the single touch control to Play/Pause, which is my preferred setting. However, from watching some YouTube videos, it looks like the single click setting for the Sport X10 cannot be changed and is always Volume Up or Down. Seems odd to me if you cannot change single click but only double click or hold for 2 secs.

Is that right?

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This is probably a harder one for the community as I believe that only one or two folks have these right now on the site that comes on here regularly and they should be on later and probably can give some more info on it.

Screenshots of all control options.

Correct, the single press has choice of volume or disabled. You have options for double-press and press-hold.
These are my chosen settings.

I am ok with this, a single press left or right for volume is intuitive for me and I am ok with the other controls. I’d probably keep volume control for single press as they have anyway even if I had the choice.

Initially I was thinking why volume up and down on the other controls (press twice and hold) but forget about folks sometimes will use them in one ear (as I sit here with my one Liberty Air 2 Pro in my ear LOLOL).

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Here’s screenshots of single bud control options. No single press option, just press hold and double press.

I have 2 pairs of sport x10 and I can do a lot of extra things. I set up the left to work the right because I dropped the right one so many times the button cover I think you will love them. I’m going to get 4 more before they are gone. I hope that helps also they keep adding to the app. I just checked for you and I can play/pause or next and so on everything available.

No need for reply just answering a question. The long way though.