Still problems with time out etc

I have pretty hard problems with time outs, errors, log outs etc. since such a long time.
Its more than boring.
I use firefox and I suppose such a forum should work with this browser properly.
I remember someone thought firefox might cause that isssues.
BUT a worldwide used browser can NOT be the reason if a website is working so lousy.

We had such kind of errors in the past, it was getting better for a while,
but now the whole … (censored) is the same,.



It was me that stated that my good man.

I get a lot of these that you state and another one or two when I try to post something that ends up in duplicate postings.

There is like another or so that I found and not listed here. Those are mentioned to admins already

So we wait, wait, wait!:joy:

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There are some problems using Chrome as well

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OK we know, the admins know.
What will happen?

We know :grin:

Chewing gum!
MUST be the next theme for the photos! :rofl:

BTW Brenda Lee is fantastic!
Such a great song!

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I’ve been having some timeouts recently myself.

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