Suggest to limit max volume when earbuds is weared

Sometimes I tuned the volume in my phone/laptop to the max, and forgot about it. Then when I wear the earbuds again the next day and connect to that device, I was shock by the volume.
So I suggest that we can have a setting in the app to turn on a limit for the volume when one wear the earbuds again.

I will turn that around. Would it not be easier for that functionality to implemented in the phone than the earbuds. :wink:

Or even the app you are playing the music from…

In the EU the maximum volume of earbuds and headphones is limited.
Suppose the same in the USA.
But of course if someone wants, one can “bypass” that limit.

No problem!
The otologists and the manufacturers of hearing aids like that. :smile:

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I do not think there is a limit for sound here in the USA although I would gladly be ok with it. To many people would say it’s the government trying to control them

The government controls but not by volume limit! :rofl:

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I just have a platypus controlling me.

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I thought Bluetooth limited the volume to ~85-90 db. I could be wrong though. The easiest thing would be to not turn them up to high.

loving this platypus

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