Sweet shots of my old school Icon! Also, where are photos uploaded these days?

Hi all,

Been away for a while, but was rafting the other day and jamming to my old school icon. Check out these pics!

I was looking around for the photo gallery that was part of the original community. Is there a new place to upload pics for core update consideration?


There is a ‘Photo of the Week’ contest with a new specific theme or requirement every week that you can take part in, here’s the one for this week.

The old famous gallery has been closed.
There are “themes” given weekly.
“Private photos” better at our “beer club” and “weekend” thread! :grin:

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The gallery is sort of still there (check the app) but it is not used as it normally is. As stated they set up a thread for photo of the week and you have themed pictures to take.

I will most likely try to take one but the current weeks forecast is cloudy, and rain during the evenings .

Nice pictures.

The Icon ( or +) was always the one speaker that I liked the design but never ended up getting.

Welcome back…

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Nive photos and nice speaker. I own one.

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Nice photos. That looks old school.

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Nice photos of the icon, and the Kodiak tooo…

One old toy and one new?

Also, welcome back :slightly_smiling_face:

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Interesting photos with a small speaker.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Here in WV they got some good white water rapids. I went on the more tame one with my wife but it was pretty fun.

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Thanks! I’m intermittent these days. Summer is really busy after covid :slight_smile:

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Indeed, flea markets here again.
So always busy.
A lot of fun.

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