The 1 preset choice is not enougj

PLEASE, add 2 more custom presets! The app is so good, but I couldn’t believe we were forced stuck with only 1 preset… I can’t see any reason why this isn’t present


I’m not sure if I’m following. The app comes with multiple presets; what they are depends on the device it is connected to. What are you looking to accomplish?

Not sure how I was unclear, I said “add 2 more CUSTOM presets”.
I would like to be able to make my own Eq for different volumes. I don’t think 3 custom profiles is unreasonable nor hard to implement?

The app has the option to create, save, and edit multiple custom EQ’s. I’ve created a “bass” custom EQ and can create another. I apologize if I am misunderstanding.

How is that possible? My soundcore app doesn’t look like that, and I don’t have those options?,!

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Odd; I am on iOS so perhaps there is a different way to do so in the Android app. Maybe someone using Android can chime in. Otherwise, you may want to reach out to for help. Good Luck!

Thanks, I’ll try that route, I thought support was perhaps present here in the forum.

Afraid not, if you email they are usually good in getting back to you in a couple of days though, I’ve had good luck with support.