The case not lightning or charging

My soundcore A1 fall in water for a seconds they are working pretty well but the case not lightning or even charging

The case dropped into the water as well?
First you could do : drying and clean the contacts and pray

But don’t be too worried, Such cases can be bought from soundcore I remember.
Ask the support they will help you out.!

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Ironically the act of trying to charge may have permanently broken the case. When it is dunked in water you don’t use it , shake and dry as much as possible and leave in a warm breeze for 1-2 days.

Then try to use.

Charging will have passed electricity through more places and increased its damage.

As stated you need to let it dry out in an area with a dry heat.

If it does work then awesome but if not may be an option to contact as they can do a potential cade replacement for 30 percent of current cost.

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There are other aspects :
sea water and fresh water.
I suppose seawater is causing much more harm than fresh water does.

There are many “tricks” around to save electronic equipment.

At the office :
What was always the worst case was if one spilled coffee on the keyboard.
(Happened very often )
If the the coffee had no sugar there was a chance to save the keyboard

So it was absolutely forbidden for the students
to eat and drink while working on the computers. :smile:

Here at home my old laptop is mounted on a self made laptop holder with an external keyboard.
This way the screen is in a ergonomic position. ( eye level )
And If I split a beer on the keyboard, I have replacements stored.
(beer and keyboard) :rofl:
But better is to drink it than to split!

I will join @Duane_Lester On contacting soundcore