The Life Q35 Headphones need serious disappointed PROBLEM FIXED

These headsets need a firmware update quickly. The wear detection it’s terrible. It typically doesn’t work the first time you cut on the headset. You have to remove your headset several times before it calibrates and then it works. That’s unacceptable. Also in the sound there is some sort of skipping and small white noise that causes a distortion in the sound. While the music is playing it sounds like that’s very tiny micro skips and tiny little crackling noises. I’ve been listening to these headphones for about 48 hours and I can’t shake it. These headphones need an update very very fast!


While I have personally seen an issue with wear detection, I have not yet experienced any other playback problems like yours.

You have not given any information about how you were using them when you get the skips and noises.
What device did you use for play back?
How connected?
What sound source?
Was is HD, Ultra HD?
Was it using LDAC or AAC?
Was ANC on or off?

Without a bit more information, no one can offer any help.
If there is a problem, then it would help if other people can also replicate it, so the developers can identify what needs fixing.

In response to your reply… I am using my headphones the way every other human being would use headphones. I put them on and I expect to hear music coming from them. My phone supports LDAC which is what is being streamed at. I have tried every preset I even have used the customized EQ I’ve had it on normal, transparency and noise cancellation It doesn’t matter I am still hearing the skips and the pops. By the way little backgrounds… These are my second pair of headphones from SoundCore. I sent the original pair back and they sent me the replacement pair I am on the replacement pair and it is still the same issues. I should not have to go through a complete diagnostic in order to tell SoundCore my issue… That is their job. They are the ones who put this device out there so they’re the ones responsible for its problems not me.

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Turned off the LDAC and surprise surprise no more skipping. But also no more high res. That is not the purpose of these headphones. I shouldn’t have to turn off high res to stop the skipping and the weird digital popping sounds I’m hearing. With drums doubling up on themselves from time to time it’s disorienting. I know what I’m hearing. Turn LDAC back on and there’s the skipping again.

This must be pretty frustrating for you.

Your settings look the same as on my Samsung S10.
I am using Amazon HD /HD Ultra to test and fortunately I haven’t had playback issues.

As it works with LDAC off, it sounds like something is struggling to process the higher bit rate :confused:

Have you access to another phone to try?

No. I have the Sony XM4 which support LDAC and I don’t have these issues with my Sony XM4

That’s weird. That’s far from my experience. The Wear Detection worked perfectly during my use and the sound is superb.

Hope you resolve this.

Received firmware update everything is all good now!


Perhaps it would be helpful if you edited your first post above and added to it that updating the firmware solved the issue so that any future users with the same issue will be able to spot the solution right away.


Indeed they wanted an update very very fast and hours later was fixed.

Title has to reflect what was asked for was given.

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Agreed. I think adding something like (Solved) at the end or beginning of the title would be helpful so people would read the thread to find out the solution.

Edit - The OP already edited the title :+1:. I didn’t notice until after I posted.

Yeah. I, for example, wasted some time going through the entire thread before I saw this guy’s solution at the bottom. (Was reading out of curiosity, as I don’t own Q35’s, but still.)

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Early adopters have to have more tolerance for early bugs…

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First post here. Received my Q35’s last week and Wear Detection was disastrous. Any movement, any touching the headband, music would pause. Contacted support and received 1.18 firmware today. Still finding head movement or touching headband will pause music, though there seems to be an improvement. Are others finding this still? Wondering if my unit might have a defect.

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I believe the firmware 1.18 was just for the LDAC issues. To my knowledge they haven’t released anything regarding the wear detection.

Not yet had the update, but have worked out what causes it with my headphones.

It seems like the sensor is in the right side and movement that disturbs the fit on that side seems to affect it .
In my case wearing in bed with my head on the pillow or headboard.

Have this white noise problem as well. It sounds like the headphones are crackling when it reaches a certain frequency. My wife doesn’t hear it but when I let musicians listen, they could tell right away without me pointing it out. I think its just the Q35s driver. It’s not crisp. It’s crackly.

Personally I find mine to be extremely “crisp” the sound quality is excellent. Mind you I made sure I did update them

Very late response but if you have developer on Samsung you have to change LDAC on that part of the menu for it to work properly