This Soundcore Liberty 4 Review is Different

Hey everyone, today I have finally released the Liberty 4 Review after much time spent using them. However, this review is a departure from my overall formula that I usually do for all my reviews. I’ve decided to remove the flashy effects, b-roll footage and background music and Instead opted to sit down and just talk about them. This video could go one of two ways, you like it or hate it, but I wanted to try something new and be as upfront as possible. it’s just me and the Liberty 4 and what I like and didn’t like! I hope you all enjoy the video and if you want me to do more reviews like this style let me know if not I’ll go back to the more traditional route. Enjoy everyone and happy holidays!!


This is why I love your reviews Technoid you have a very unique style and presentation I haven’t seen on may reviewers. Seeing you mix up the video with this new style is very different and I commend you for trying new things. You absolutely are my favorite reviewer and I will always look forward to whatever you review in the future. Cheers from Guyana!!

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Thank you so much for the kind words and my family is from Guyana :guyana: glad to see that!! I’m glad you enjoyed and have a great day

Well tbh You can’t compare an apple watch that has a price that is 3 times or more… And if you train like every athlete must do to improve then you train on your heart beat… So battery life of the earbuds are more reliable then the 2 days max you get for your watch, but I guess Iphone/apple users are still used to charge everyday even overnight charging that is really bad for battery health, I use a honor band 5 that runs 2 weeks before I need to charge them and my phone charges in 15m from 15-90 and the best range as to battery life is 20-25 to 80-85… And these are Iphone issues that are and will not be dealt with the upcoming years… Charging is slow and battery capacity is even worse, but hey, you can say you payed 1000 dollars for you phone and another. 300 or 400 for the watch, then just buy earpieces of the same price, cause LDAC is for android, so you are better off in the apples price range and then you buy the sennheiser or master and dynamic that has fins, I bought those mw7 not + at an auction without eartips and wings for 50 euro, the new ones cost around 400, if you can spend that much on your watch and double or triple for a Iphone that has compared to 400ish android phone has specs that my old huawei mate 10 pro still overclasses Iphone 6gb ram, my phone has 8gb+8internal if needed and 256 gb storage as Iphone has 64 or 128, and my sd card is 256gb as well… So I kinda think this review is for the very rich and soundcore offers equal or even better performance and quality then the competition… 150 is standard price, they already had 2 events or more that has them dropped to olmost 110, well Iphone don’t discount more then 15% ever… So this review is like, your bubble has to burst that moneywise apple can’t or you might say won’t give you innovation at least, once their chip has reached its potential, and it will, cause their 2 best architects behind the chip already left, so they are still leaning on the creation of them, and once the competition gets their own chips, meaning instead of higher price, they will lower price because now they all rely on qualcomm or mesdiatek… Don’t forget to stock up on lightning cables before they run out and the normal crappy charger they don’t put in the box anymore because of Eco terms, Those chargers last like 2 months or less, got elektrocuted by cable or charger 3 times when I had an se that I bought for more then 200 of market value and sold the crap for profit even… So. Eco wise buying 3 chargers every year or get a good solid FAST CHARGING charger, and 20w isn’t fast at all…