To Soundcore and the Community regarding wired or wireless connection of Motion Boom and Motion+

Dear community and Soundcore,
I have a Motion Boom and a Motion+. Easily one of the best speakers I’ve ever had but, I NEED to connect them together and here’s why.

The Motion Boom has a great bass support and it gets really loud, and the Motion+ has great clarity and highs. If ever in my wildest dreams I could link them up and sync them, I would never ask for two more speakers in the eons to come.

To clarify, I don’t want them to be left-right channelled! I need them both to play the same song as if on their own BUT in sync. If that can be done, one of best sound stages can be achieved, for two 30W speakers in terms of sound direction, clarity and everything.

I’m using an iPhone, if I was using an android I could’ve easily done it using androids dual audio feature, but alas, all my music is on AppleMusic and therefore on my iPhone. Please help me take care of this matter in another way using either wired solution or wireless.

Thank you.

I am unsure as to if both have partycast. Partycast would allow up to 100 speakers to be sync together even if different devices. I do not have time to find that for you as Ia getting ready to cut weeds

If both do there should be instruction to how to make one speaker the main and the other the secondary

the physical hardware is hard coded to do only specific things, the Bluetooth hardware and the DAC are fixed to what “they are”.

Certainly this can be done in future products and revisions “upgraded” of these products, i.e. buy more product.

I suppose this is not possible.
Motion + has TWS, the boom partycast.

Press the TWS button on both. My Motion Boom has it, the Motion+ should as well.

If I remember correctly TWS should only work with 2 of the same speakers. Partycast is required if you want to connect different speakers together.

@Chiquinho Hey, there. Please note that the Soundcore Motion Boom speaker supports the TWS paring rather than the PartyCast.

Please know that the Motion Boom and Motion+ speaker are two different models and you are not able to connect them together with each other no matter via wired and wireless.

Too many models to many connection modi. :laughing:
Why not creating a matrix, would help a lot Winfred.

I own one of these and I may experiment with two different non-Partycast Soundcore speakers and report how well it goes. Wonder if it will work?

This review implies it will.

From our very own @ndalby

If you cannot understand his accent then:

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That’s cool but it wouldn’t work for the OP because the Motion Boom is Bluetooth only. It doesn’t have a 3.5mm input. However, I have 2 of them and they sound great in TWS.

Edit My LG G8 (I love the sound quality on that phone - Quad DAC) can actually output to 2 different Bluetooth devices at the same time, but since the OP is IOS, that wouldn’t help him either. One other aside: I’ve heard both the Motion Boom and Motion + and I prefer the Boom. So much so I bought a second one so I could hook them up in TWS.

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Ok. Thanks.