Too many eqs are not so good! 😄

Today I used VLC and was playing music with my old soundcore ZERO.
Weird, heavy strong distorting basses.

Reason .:
The system wide EQ from PulseEffects AND the eq from the VLC were activated.
Definitely too much! :laughing:

Both programs are really great, the best ones I ever came in touch with,

btw I dont use the app, because some of my old speakers are not listed there, so I dont need it.

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I agree with that in general. My Poweramp player has an EQ and so does the App. I have my Soundcore EQ’s set up so they don’t make the signal too hot. I can also shut off the Powereamp EQ with one press of a button.

i should imangine that having two conflicting eq’s in place would make the most beautiful songs sound like what you find on the toilet paper :rofl:

Lol. Please no toilet humor. I spent a few hours cutting though toilet tank botls. It would have been quicker but 2 bolts and no room and replacing and clean up

Did not use an eq but did enjoy some tunes while I worked. Lol but do like vlc


Men at work.
Last week I had to cut a hole in a rain water plastic tank to create an entrance for the pump
which I usually borrow from my neighbor.
Hard work and no music, only the humming of the small Dremel cutting disk. :smile:

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I also tried many eq app for motion plus but non of them works well motion plus own is eq is beast even i use poweramp but i don’t use eq…which is default.

That is what we always say here.
There is NO universal adjustment for eqs.
Everyone has to find its fitting one.
Different apps, speakers, players, music and ears! :grin:

oooo you should post pictures of the project @Duane_Lester. Was it a full remodel or just a new toilet ?

It could be that Duane stopped this difficult DIY project meanwhile
and and found such a simple solution. :rofl:

It was just replacement of parts… A bolt started to leak and I could not turn the bolts off even with wd 40. I made a mistake to use an older hacksaw blade that I had and could only cut like about an inch at a time. I figured I cut over an hour and some change to cut 2 bolts, in a cramped place, and not being able to see where I am cutting. ( so most likely I was cutting in multiple)

I got lucky that my sister in law’s husband had recently gave me a full kit that he got from his work so it did not cost me anything to fix…

I changed the 2 bolt, gasket, and fill valve.

I will say that the house does need a full bathroom remodel as it is a little dated in both bathrooms.

I think that would have been a good fix for most of us there but do not think that would be a good fix for my wife for too long. :rofl:

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Needs only some power of persuasion. :laughing:

This is what many surgeons are doing! :rofl:

This is what I like most.
I call it “Repariert mit Bordmitteln”
May be you would call it “repaired with own on-board means”

When something is needed (tools, spare parts) which I don’t have in my huge magazine
I ask all my friends around.
Often they have it.
Saving a lot of cost this way.! :smiley:

About the same here…Will say between my dad and my father in law, I usually have all the tools I need.

My father in law is also a good fabricator and can make all kinds of things… He made us about 3 outdoor solar light poles (to use on the sidewalk at night.

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This is what I like so much.
And if there are information needed one will find those in the net.
BUT one has to decide what is crap or not.

Same is when repairing soundcore speakers I did recently.
All fine now.

omg i think this will do better as that looks barely bigger than a tea cup lol

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Such one can be built by an talented tinker by himself.

Such one is also great!

And its easy to move around.
Its mobile, same as soundcore speakers are.
useable everywhere, :smiley:

Here we have the TWS-version! :rofl:


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Ooo I like the idea of tws lol