Turn microphone noise cancelation off in Liberty Air 2?

I want to have more detail on my microphone but this feature destroy it. Can I turn it off?

What does the app offer? What does the manual linked from the app say?

The LA2 has CVC I never seen a way to disable that as it’s tied to hardware for that product.

Do a resetting and use the app for further adjustments.

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I have these buds, I’ve never seen the cVC microphone noise filter controllable from the app

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I dont have these, but shouldn’t be such things be adjustable by the app? :wink:

No that specific feature is in hardware. If it’s in software I’ve never seen it. Possibly a firmware update could make it software controlled but it’s already an old product so I doubt any firmware updates for it.

I’m expecting software development effort now on the P3 successor or LA2P successor so worthwhile asking just to get it noticed as a wishlist.

I do not have either and have not hear of the change either. If I remember correctly, I thought there was an issue that was fixed by a firmware upgrade. So have you updated the firmware. Again. Could be wrong…

Don’t think it’s possible, but I would email to customer sevice service@soundcore.com