Two calls problem

Hi, I have the liberty 3 pro, I use the multipoint function with one iPhone and one samsung. When I busy with a call if the other cell received another call the buds switch automatically to new call. Can I disable this function?
Sorry for my English…

Someone who owns these may come along later with a better answer, I don’t own these so I’m guessing.

The issue is the multipoint, and it does not merge these and it’s an either/or. So on one of the phones you don’t want to answer calls, go into the pairing and disable the calls capability, e.g on Android (every phone looks different) you’d have call audio disabled on one phone you don’t want to answer calls on your buds, and have it enabled on the other phone you do want to answer calls on your buds.

I also have two phones, in reality a regular size phone and a large phone / tablet and I pair my audio with the tablet and forward the calls from my phone to my tablet, that works reliably. I made a contacts with the call-forwarding and cancel forwarding and put it as a shortcut on my home page. That’s what I do! I much rather use my own ingenuity which I control than ask someone else I don’t control to fix it for me. I wrote it up so others can also control things themselves rather than hope someone else will do it. The guide is not exactly your need as you have two phones but it shows how to create contacts with forwarding codes.

I do not want that if I receive a call on the second mobile phone while I am on a call with the first, the headphones disconnect the call in progress to switch to the new one. With jabra headphone it is possible

I have them but I only have 1 phone so it’s not an issue that I’ve ever had. I’d suggest contacting Customer Support and asking them.

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So this is a personal preference rare ask. You have become accustomed to another product not switching its headset profile multipoint. Two phones is exceptionally rare, and always solved by “do not disturb” or call-forwarding traditional methods.

Suggest email customer support with the suggestion, it may become a toggle setting option in this or a new product.

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I am not real good on nuds for fell phone but I think I remember my android phone has an auto connect function. If that is on, it may help to turn it off. Basically what I am saying is it may be a setup on the phone to disable…

You can have auto connect enabled or disabled.

E.g. on my Android

So it’s never accidentally connected to two phones.

The next granularity is once connected does it use the connection for phone calls.


Those two above are Bluetooth settings.

You then can have a phone simply not ring i.e. it’s got either a Do not disturb audio setting, or its diverting all calls to voicemail. Or you can merge the two phones by having one forward to the other and then it’s settings apply where you can choose to answer it or not.

Having the control in the buds may be ideal where you have an app setting to toggle the behaviour but then you have to wait for that idea to get to critical mass which may be never.