Two things will start tomorrow!

First ,the Oktoberfest in München after 2 years break.
Important for many, but not for me. :smiley:

11C outside, so what I will start?

Ja : The firing of the tilestove! :rofl:

I’ve always thought it would be fun to visit Oktoberfest! :+1:

Ooo Oktoberfest beer beer ohhh and traditional clothing, food, music and in case you were wondering there might be some beer :beers::beer::beers:

I was visiting this spectacle the last time 40 years ago.
Definitely not my place.
Others (Young ones) may like and this is OK.

Btw : 1 liter beer ( 1 Maß ) aprox 15 Euro, 1/2 fried chicken ca 20 Euro.
Not cheap. But what is cheap in our days. :laughing:

But nevertheless a “Prosit from München”

Oktoberfest starts today at 12:00.

20 euros for 1/2 fried chicken ? Seriously that’s crazy 15 euros for a litre sounds high but festival pricing is about 5 pounds a pint in England for standard beers and ales with specialty a little more so if it’s specialty beers or ales I can see 15 euros. But seriously I’m super shocked about the chicken I would say 1/2 chicken maybe 10 to 12 at a push I get a whole chicken fried for 8 USD at a local place and 10 for 1/2 at festival. One of my friends in England said 3 1/2pounds per quarter chicken at festivals is going rate so that is really high I would be bringing lunch with me

You must know that 1 box of beer is about from 12.00 to 17 Euro.
That’s 20 1/2 Liter bottles. so we have 10 Liters.

Here is an offer from a shop nearby


It is good to have such events.

Those of us who didn’t get killed by a virus now can shiver with expensive beer :rofl:

Yes all this sunshine and all these trees fallen branches, I don’t think we need to suffer, and beer, make your own :wink:

We have already an “expert brewer” : Neil.
I believe more in the “art of the breweries” than mine in this case, :laughing:

im still in shock over the price of the fried chicken lol once in a rare blue moon i will have a cider but personally i hardly drink But im wondering how much revenue I would make at a festival with my cooking if they get 20 euros for a half chicken lol