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I bought some Liberty Air 2 wireless headphones a few months ago, and had an issue where the headphones will not pair anymore.

I have contacted support and was told that one of the headphones is faulty so I need to return these, including all accessories. I will have to pay shipping but I would be refunded via the card I bought them on.

The first issue is I bought these from Amazon, how would Soundcore support know my details to make this refund?

Secondly, the return address doesnt seem like an official Anker address, I was given the below;

Sammi Wong
82 Seawall Road
Cardiff, CF24 5TH

This was all from the Soundcore support email ( but it does seem a bit of a sketchy address, searching for it on Google says its the address of an online handbag store.

Has anyone had to return any items in the UK to this address?

I would say contact the seller on Amazon as it should be the same and they can reverify the directions. I know for the US that Amazon has partners with Kohls to do returns on os this place may be more of a returns place for Amazon to then get it to soundcore.

Indeed. Map the address. Dodgy!

Sammi Wong needs a new car and turn up for work and unlock?

I got an email with the same address today.

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I think I would go with checking your orders and then contacting them through that process. I am assuming the seller would be AnkerDirect.

Honestly if the address was this then I would just return to Amazon as normal and buy a new pair. It is surprising to see you get this address from customer support. Maybe @sean.L, @Loz or @Hannah has more information about this

I ended up calling Amazon support about this.

They called Anker for me and then patched me through to a rep who confirmed that it is correct and it’s an agent who repairs items?

I’m going to send it across after that was confirmed but it’s very dodgy not to at least have the Anker or SoundCore name anywhere on the address.

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Well better safe than sorry

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Why not repairing if possible, better than garbage. :wink:

Anybody else curious to know what’s on the other side of the sliding door?

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You want to see?



Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to you as well.

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