UK Soundcore Frames £100

Not this price for all models, I noticed it’s Tour, Marina. Other models higher price.

So these must be the ugliest ones :wink: What a surprise.


The Tours were on sale here (US) as well. I didn’t notice if the Marina was also on sale.

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I personally do like the Tour for some reason. It is similar to the Harbor a little but the Harbor are sold out (guess more popular). None are not really that bad although Festival are my least favorite.

Nice deal.

Great deal, but not so sure about those 2 styles. Not my type of shades.

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I agree but it sets a trend that they can sell at this price. Patience.

I’d not wait too long as Anker tends to set global prices in USD, there’s around a month lag, and if you track currencies… (hint: inflation cometh not the fault of Anker)

We’ve seen £110 and £115 recently for other styles, so they may go a little lower £100 - £105 but then increase.

The Frames, if you get the style you like, are an absolute joy to use, so long as the situations match their unique advantages as per my review.