Update for my Soundcore Mini 3 last night (v1.40)

As the title says, I noticed a had an Update for my Mini 3 last night via my Android. The firmware version went from 1.37 to 1.40.

What’s new:
Bug Fixes.

So far I haven’t really noticed anything new. YMMV


Thanks , I’ll connect mine to let them upgrade.

EDIT done. They were setup as partycast so secondary wasn’t paired, but had to be for firmware upgrade, then to get back partyycast is finnicky and the manual is useless. Random pressing of buttons works eventually.

The person who writes the manual needs to have touched the real product!


That’s the question?
What kind of bugs got fixed.

Is it really so difficult to explain this, I dont thinks so.

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Thats great!
May be the manual was written by our famous “Mr. Random” himself! :rofl:


Will try to update mine as well. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the heads-up. I have updated mine now.

I’m still blown away by the sound that comes out of this little beauty of a speaker!


Even with bass-up off and a voice EQ (my preferences) the battery life isn’t too brilliant. I agree sounds good. But I have the Mini 2, Mini , Icon Mini and the very first Nano, and I think they needed to have tweaked up the Mini 3 battery life to match it’s more serious power demands.

I have two Mini 3 for Partycast but even so one Motion+ has a better sound and battery life than two Mini 3.

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If i compare the Mini 3 with the Flare mini, the Flare mini is better (sound)
Haven’t checked the battery life of the mini 3 so far.


I generally only use the Mini 3 for periods of 45 mins to an hour each time and don’t have to charge it very often - maybe after 10-11 uses.

I know Soundcore state up to 15 hours of playback, but we all know that you’d have to be listening to it in a library at the lowest volume and have BaseUp switched off to get close to that.

I’m sure the Motion+ is a far better speaker, as you would expect, but I don’t have one (yet) to compare. Hopefully one day!

@Chiquinho I will probably look at getting a Flare Mini in the near future. One question, can the lights be switched off?


I have a Flare Mini yes lights can turn off. There’s two versions original and successor with app support.

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The sound of Mini 3 is good, but design is even better.


I’d almost suggest flare two over the mini, as to have partycast ability with current.

Also, less apt to get an updated one and an old one which won’t play well together (minis that is).

Downer is flare 2 isn’t tws, but I don’t notice with most of the music I listen to.


Partycast and TWS need to be merged. Not technically difficult apart from it would not be future compatible.

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I would get crazy if the light could not be turned off.
But of course its possible.
And two if them are perfect for a such small room I use them here in stereo mode.

If someones goes for a second one, please make sure to get the fitting version
(model number!!!) otherwise they want pair.


I never got two speaker which I could connect in this partycast mode.
I am old styled and like TWS. :grin:

And if you are listening to an orchestra.
The position of the instruments is always the same, so I like TWS.

But there is no need to start a pro&contra discussion (Partycast and/or TWS) :laughing:


There is worthwhile in discussing a future version.

Imagine if you could buy any Soundcore speaker and pair with phone, update firmware then tell the speaker it is either master or slave, and left or right or mono channel, the disconnect if not master.

Then all speakers can be TWS or Partycast.


I personally like My Mini 3.

Does it put out the same amount of sound as my Motion Booms? No it does not but it’s considerably smaller.

Different tools for different jobs

Edit My only nitpick is I wish they were TWS but since I only have 1 atm, it’s not really an issue. :laughing:


I think this can be easily be realized by altering software.
But… :roll_eyes:

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My friend gave me a mini pro 3 but it when I plug it up it charges and sometimes they’ll turn white but other than that I have the app it won’t work or nothing like that to Bluetooth connect or anything what could be the problem okay when I’m have it plugged in it charges the white light doesn’t come on right away I push the power and the Bluetooth on for over 15 seconds then the white light comes on but I try to pair it that way and it still won’t pair I got the app and it’s not detecting nothing is there no like safety thing or is it maybe it is if it was hooked up to another device that I can delete the device on somehow through the the speaker cuz right now it’s it’s not doing nothing but all the lights on going around and around

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The app is on your phone.
Is the speaker detected by the phone in the phones’s bt list?
Otherwise you could test the speaker with another device which got no app by connecting by bt.