Updating Firmware Cancelled the Auto Pause function


Just bought Liberty Air 2 few days ago. By chance, I did firmware update. From then, I loose the function of Auto Pause. I know it because when I first used it, it was working fine. After updating firmware, no more auto pause. Is there any solution on this?

Hope the next firmware update will bring back the function.

Are you sure? The LA2 never had auto pause if you meant wear detection. Are you thinking of a different product?

I am pretty sure. My firmware version is now 01.57. When I first tried my LA2, I haven’t downloaded the Soundcore App so I know I didn’t touch any firmware update and the “wear detection” is functioning. I just noticed the “wear detection” function not working just yesterday, and after watching some YT reviews.

Are you sure its the LA2? Not LA2P?

Sorry to say that but LA2 never had autopause. I have those for a very long time.

You know nothing about LA2. You are confused with Soundcore product.