US- Liberty Air 2 Soundcore sight- 38 dollars

This is the second white Air 2 that was found under 40 while the black ones are 60. So I guess there are an excess of white earbuds that can be had for a bit at the 40 dollar price.


Great price on these earbuds, thanks for sharing.
I’ve always preferred darker colours for my earbuds, but if white is your thing, these would be a great purchase.


White buds always remind me of “Something about Mary” :joy:


I had been tempted to get a pair of these for my mother in law. I gave her some Liberty Airs but think these may be somewhat better for her overall.

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Sweet deal. Thanks for sharing! :+1:

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Nice discount on nice earbuds. Thanks

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Good deal for the 2s, very easy entry point and good set of features.