US- Soundcore frames (90 off today only) April 19 2022

I am seeing that another sale is happening right now. 90 dollars off which is bringing the Frames to about 100 dollars.

With two different sales in a short time, I fear other frames will start to sale out in the near future. It may be tempting to do this sale as they start to sell out quickly.


Excelent discount. Thanks

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Really good deal. Thanks for sharing! :+1:

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If I had been in the US, I might have been tempted at that price.

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Word to the wise. If you want these don’t wait thinking a further price reduction is coming.

There’s a disruption to manufacturing and shipping about to cause scarcity for a month-ish soon.

I’d expect this to be a temporary over-supply issue prior to scarcity, not tied to a newer version about to come out.

The Tour is $100 expiring within next hour.

The Wander was $100 also earlier, expired.

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If someone needs such ones, should them take asap.

The problems in Word Wide Trading (shipping and manufacturing) and in China are increasing.

There is a special offer for one of these frame models at amazon,.de
Its 109 Euros.
Not bad, as the others are about 180 Euros.

Always these double postings.
For a while the server worked properly but now :roll_eyes:

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Was a very sweet and fast deal.

Did you get a pair or two at that price?

Actually getting notes cashed to get some…So I guess I am holding off til it comes…

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As discussed, the Notes-to-voucher does not apply to discounted-via voucher on Soundcore’s site. Cannot apply two vouchers.

So if it’s “value for money” then best buying these at discounted-via-voucher price and use Note-to-voucher for something not discounted.

I had a £100 Notes-to-voucher and even though the discounted-via-voucher was £110 (then £115) could not get for £10 or £15 but for £50.

You’d need a soundcore dot com non-voucher discount type, I think they do happen, to apply Notes-to-voucher on.

Yes I think I said the same earlier?

There’s a lot of supply distruption in that corner of the world which even if doesn’t impact directly, impacts indirectly. As that disruption is relatively recently then it hasn’t yet bitten on availability of the type of products we buy but should interfere soon.

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Well have to wait til done. It been a few but anything off is nice coupon or voucher…

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The more its said, the better.
We see here often redundant comments…
Nobody should care about. :laughing: