[US] Soundcore Life Dot 2 XR $69.99


The only thing that should be noted is I’m not sure how these different from the life a2 nc which have been on sale for a lower price but is currently the same price for the us


I am not sure either. I am getty lery that soundcore is starting to flood the system to much

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Agreed also personal opinion but I’m not a fan of the Best Buy specific or Walmart specific products that aren’t even on the Soundcore site. I feel like everything should be on the Soundcore site and the similar products that seem to be just bestbuy or Walmart specific makes it more confusing for sure

I agree as well. I trust Best Buy but not Wartmart search. They are trying to compete with Amazon but they end up having some shady products listed.

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Something like that may stick in my ear, the Slim wired buds have a hook which makes all the difference to staying in. The Neo , P2 , LA2 fall out so much it’s not worth me moving with them so just use sat down.

Although the p2 and Airs do not have the hooks, I always find myself adjusting them to make sure they did not fall out even if they are in there pretty good.

It’s getting hard to keep all of the releases straight, especially when they are duplicating some for both online and offline sales.


Thanks for sharing this opportunity to purchase these “mystery earbuds” :smiley:

Reasonable price, and I too… too many to keep track of… gonna drive us :crazy_face: