Very Bad call quality of Liberty 4 NC

I have recently purchased the Liberty 4 NC earphones and updated to version 4.82 firmware, which says call quality improvement. But the call quality and mic picking my own voice is very terrible and bad after firmware update, the voice is either not picked properly or muffled like im speaking in a bathroom. I have pair of earphone of life dot 2 nc, those are old one still perform good. I dont understand the point of having 6 mics and having worst call quality. Hopefully the Soundcore support looks into it to improve the call quality anf mic voice picking quality. Does anyone face the same issue, please reply to the thread. So it reaches to support team and essentially bring a better update for call quality improvement.


Yes, I have the same issue. I need to it for phonecalls, but actually they are working very bad for the opisit person. The mic is disaster.


I can confirm. I just got mine and did the update immediately, so I don’t know how they sounded before. But the person I spoke with on the phone right now couldn’t hear half of what I said, reporting miserable sound quality. Only after switching to the phone mic they were able to hear me properly.
I chose these earbuds specifically for good hands-free calling…

Yes, There are garbage, I ordered they for using on calls and they are useless. I have spoken to Soundcore who has replaced the buds under warranty and the same thing. So either design or firmware issue. Back off to support.