Very loud volume calls on mini 3

Hello, I just bought a mini 3 and I have a problem. Let’s see if you can help me.
I also own motion x.

When I put the motion x on for phone calls I can lower the volume and they go down without volume problems, even at very low volume since I don’t want to disturb them.

The problem I have is that on the mini 3 I can also raise and lower the volume, but when I lower the volume the minimum volume is very very high.

Is there a way to fix it? Have you encountered this problem? I have to make calls and since the minimum volume is high I can’t make them without disturbing you.

I have tried touching a thousand things to solve it, but in calls it does not go below that volume, in multimedia there is no problem.
Thank you so much!

Does it happen to anyone?

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I have the mini 3 too, haven’t experienced an issue with call volume on it. Try checking the call volume on the calling app on your phone.

Thanks for responding, I have the motion x from soundcore and it works perfectly… you can lower the volume on calls to a very low and pleasant volume. With the mini3 no, the minimum volume is super high. and I have already looked at everything on the phone.
In any case, the same thing would happen with the motion x, so it is not the phone.
Can you lower the volume on calls so that they can be heard very quietly without disturbing you? or can’t you lower it that much?
Thank you.

I use the control buttons (volume down ) on the speaker itself when on call and works works well. The volume slider on volume slider displayed on phone can be 0 but the sound reduces further when lowered from the Volume down button on the speaker.

Indeed, this one does not do that, it does not go down and stays super high… I have tried 1000 things and nothing… with the other motion x without problems…
I have sent an email to a support several times, but it is a support that does not provide a solution.

I think what happens is that when you turn the volume up or down on the mini 3 it also does it on the phone… although that function is disabled… if I turn the phone down to the maximum, the mini 3 physically does not go down It doesn’t even turn up on its own, it turns up the smartphone’s Bluetooth audio.
So even if you unlink that they are not synchronized with the phone’s volume, it doesn’t matter.
Latest firmware version.