Very loud volume calls on mini 3

Hello, I just bought a mini 3 and I have a problem. Let’s see if you can help me.
I also own motion x.

When I put the motion x on for phone calls I can lower the volume and they go down without volume problems, even at very low volume since I don’t want to disturb them.

The problem I have is that on the mini 3 I can also raise and lower the volume, but when I lower the volume the minimum volume is very very high.

Is there a way to fix it? Have you encountered this problem? I have to make calls and since the minimum volume is high I can’t make them without disturbing you.

I have tried touching a thousand things to solve it, but in calls it does not go below that volume, in multimedia there is no problem.
Thank you so much!

Does it happen to anyone?

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I have the mini 3 too, haven’t experienced an issue with call volume on it. Try checking the call volume on the calling app on your phone.