VR P10 Users: I Need your help

I’m making an investigation about a problem that I have with my VR P10 earbuds in Windows 11.
As some people might know, when connecting the Dongle directly via USB C to some Windows 11 computers it shows as connecting and disconnecting repeatedly preventing the headphones to function correctly.
I already contacted support and I concluded that I should test the Dongle with as much devices as I possibly can, to possibly help the Soundcore Team to develop a firmware update.
If you want to help, you can test on any computer you have with a Type C port (Direcly, not with an adapter). I’ve already concluded that it does work with a Type C to Type A adapter, and that it seems to work fine if the laptop supports charging via the same USB C port.
Here are all of the devices I’ve tested so far:
.- 2 ASUS Laptops running Windows 11. They have a USB C Port with support to USB 3.0. Both of them show the problem.
.- A third ASUS Laptop running Windows 11. This one has 2 USB C Thundervolt ports and it charges via the same port. In this one the dongle works with no issue.
.- HP All In One PC running Windows 10. This one has a USB C with USB 3.0 support. It works perfectly. (This one is why I think the problem is only on Windows 11, but I need to test on other PC to make sure)

Thanks in advance for your help.