We hear faster than we see

I saw this on a BBC science documentary (which I can’t find online) but did find a link to the underlying science.

As sound is simpler than image, it is processed faster by the brain, as measured by sprinters starter pistol vs flashing light.

That means when you watch someone speak, the sound arrives in your consciousness faster than the image, so the brain must spool - or delay - the sound to make it sync up with the image.

Because the brain must store sound in memory, this is one reason why you can tune into someone speaking after they say your name.


Interesting information about our sense of hearing and sight.
Thanks for sharing.

That’s interesting study and makes sense. I’ve lost some of my hearing and have difficult time hearing people in loud areas or even someone in the next room. I also find myself needing to be face-to-face to complete hear and understand the conversation

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing! :+1:

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Perhaps this explains the perceived delay between audio and video on YouTube clips… it really isn’t the Bluetooth… :rofl::joy::rofl:


No I think those who complain about AV sync need to realise their complaints are better solved by ignoring the issue and let the natural ability of the brain to learn to resync using natural methods.

Anyone who doubts the greatest barrier to unlocking our abilities is to shut up and ignore the issue until we adapt should watch this

Being annoyed by something is our created barrier to improving. Tolerance is the path to genius.


So the next time somebody says that their Youtube is not in sync, we can say the are not in sync and sent to this video :rofl

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