Weekly Giveaway Mini 3 arrived, but there’s a problem…

I think Terry the Terminator has taken a fancy to the Soundcore Mini 3 Speaker that arrived today from the Weekly Giveaway…

Are you going to tell him that he can’t have it?!

Suggestions? (Keep it clean) :joy:

Thank you Soundcore Team :+1:


Well you ruined my first suggestion with the “Keep it clean” part. :rofl:

So I’m just going to say I received one about 2 months ago and I really like it. One suggestion though is peel off the plastic cover on the bottom or it will dance itself off of wherever you set it down. Trust me on that.


Even after removing that plastic foil from the bottom,
the little speaker might dance and caused by the special construction it could “buzz”
Put something under it to avoid that kind of resonance.


:astonished: Wow :clap: !
This Terminator is yours?
Nice toy - you can use it to make: “Photo of the Week” :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thanks, not a toy, it’s a 1:2 scale model of the T-800 built over 2 years as a partworks (weekly magazines with parts & magazine each week)

I want to build the James Bond DB5, but out of print, & parts are very expensive on the e(vil)Bay



@Zolitare I didn’t know that. Perfect :+1:t2:!
Do you have more such models?


I had a 32” Millennium Falcon built weekly (but sold it to make space), but have a 1:2 scale R2-D2 which has been around a bit

It’s a nice hobby, but sometimes it only takes 5 minutes to put parts together for each issue


Impressive build, and awesome photo.

I’d suggest running one of the speaker test sets, from a couple members, and see if you can wiggle it loose, with some deep bass tunes…

Funky ride by outcast might help…

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