What about more Samba / Bossa Nova?

I am not sure how many of yours know Stan Getz (RIP)
he was a great musician and helped to get the Brazilian samba getting known worldwide.

This type of relaxing music would be fine with a caipirinha, but no cachaca in the house. :grin:

So I am with a beer.
But no Antarctica.


I think he is more known for this one

But yes he was a great musician


Of course, but I saw him in a concert 1 year before he passed away and
he was nearly refusing to play it.

This is a great recording too


Thanks for sharing. Nice music. RIP


I can imagine lounging by a pool somewhere really warm, sipping on a caipirinha while listening to this. Lovely.


For me I will be lounging by the ocean sipping a Mai Tai listening to this


Nice! Now I want to go on another holiday!!!

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Where should we go?
May be we can offer some nice music from there.

I’m definitely want to go to Hawaii again during August when it’s the humpback whale migration

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Whales : I have seen those from time to time when cruising between Pico and Sao Jorge (Acores Islands)

But I never did those “tourist excursions” only to disturb these animals.
We went out with a really small boat for some fishing and this way we met these fantastic creatures.