What audio standard do you play or collect?

As we now have a new dedicated community revolving solely around audio I thought it might be good to share what our preferred source for audio is, are you an old school vinyl collector, fine with Apple Music downloads, a Hi-Res purist or just a bargain bucket CD buyer?

Perhaps if Soundcore know our buying habits, some new products aimed towards them might surface :wink:

  • Vinyl - Yeah I’m old school but love it!
  • CD’s - I like digital but something I can put on a shelf
  • Download (320kbps or less) - Don’t have canine hearing so I’m fine saving space
  • Streaming - Who needs to own when I can play / borrow for the day
  • Hi-Res (24/96/192) - I want to hear it like I’m in the studio

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I am mainly using Apple Music now, but I’m not sure if it’s considered “high res” or not.

I would really like to use vinyl, but I can’t afford it. I also like having a hard copy, which is a reason I like. CD’s, but I still mainly shy away from those.

Of course high res is the best!

I usually steam from Spotify or Youtube music and then downloaded media…

I love vinyl, I browse through the vinyl selection ag the local goodwill. Often times I can snag a great record for just 5o cents. Aside from old school records, I download and stream high resolution audio as it offers the best reproduction and bassline

Depends on :wink:

  • I listen to DAB+ Radio (Bayern Klassik) daily
    (very important because nearly perfekt without any disturbing noise
    compared to simple FM)
  • I stream Radio (RTP Antena 1) often
  • I listen to downloaded mp3 (compression as good as possible) daily
  • I listen to my old vinyl records sometimes
  • I listen to CD sometimes

As a YouTube Premium subscriber, I usually download the highest quality available from YouTube Music.

Are there differences?
I was thinking if the upload is from poor quality there is no possibility to improve.

I download at whatever it is. I don’t check what MP3 rate it is.

I love the crackle of vinyl, there’s something very honest about that sound.

If I can dl hi-res or large MP3 files, I do. I mean I have 100gb plus mem card, on my phone, so size isn’t a problem. I simply find a download site, and download whatever it.comes in!

I’ll still buy a CD now & again, but I have all of my music downloaded/ripped to a hard drive. I listen to a lot of music while I’m out & about, and I don’t want to use my data to stream music, so I still use iTunes to keep it organized and synced to my phone.

Depends on how I feel that day. If I am totally digging the song, I will download it, if it is a google style of song, it is streamed so I can listen to similar. I cannot remember the last time I purchased one though.

If you don’t buy the songs, how do you get them?

Mostly a youtube to mp3 convertor or torrenting.

Most of these converters sites log IP address and bother details for the browser, … if YouTube / content owners were to sue under copyright violation - these converterbsites would give up all these details, and more trouble… :anguished::anguished:

I’m an Apple Music user and I use the default settings to stream high quality when I’m on WiFi and “regular” quality on cellular (to help prevent buffering in low signal areas).

Back when I was ripping files from CDs, I would only encode them at 192kbps. I was so young and naive! :rofl:

VPN is where it’s at. Worst case you can use something along the lines of Bee Think, but I use an older one that had never failed me in 8 years. But all in all vpn is the way to go always unless you want to dabble in using a TOR browser, but that is a whole different thing.

I am using Google Play, Youtube Music and Amazon Music…Get a range of music. Do prefer Google Play though

Sounds good! TOR is a better option :ok_hand:t2:

TOR still isn’t perfect :wink:

I personally don’t use the Tor though have heard a lot of things from my friends and colleagues as good for privacy and anonymity

If I win an iTunes Gift Card, maybe I’ll subscribe to Apple Music…