What is Bone Conductiom Technology and how does it work

Seems like bone conduction audio technology seems to be coming up more and more places I look. This is a nice article that also has nice diagrams explaining how it works for those who don’t know much about it and are curious. I think it would be cool for Soundcore to make a pair of bone conduction headphones that way it would be safer to wear them when running or biking and such when you need to still hear your enviornment


We have these at our workplace, and those that use them say they are pretty darn good. Allows for wearing hearing ppe as well so they don’t need to stop to use a walkie talkie.

Never tried those. Thanks for sharing

This technology has been around for a while. Most people I know who use them like them but only use them areas where they need full awareness. They say the audio quality is lacking but that’s because the sound has to pass through flesh and bone and not through the traditional way. They most use them for audiobooks and pod casts.

My wife wants a pair, but wants to wait and see if Soundcore makes a pair.


Interesting read!

I’ll give this a read later on

My brother has a set of headphones like this he uses for swimming, and they work really well. Actually far better with earplugs (or water in your ears) than without.

As far as walkie talkie use, they help you hear the other person - they don’t really help with picking up your voice and transmitting in a really loud environment. So receiving is fine, sending is still an issue.

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It might be a small, specialized market for soundcore. But maybe.

I doubt they will do it . There are only a few companies doing it and I rarely see people using the.

I’ve tried them, the audio range is limited, good enough for voice but can never be a replacement alternative for what most here use Soundcore for.

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Exactly. It sounds good compared to water in your ears, but not for normal use. And the price is high to get that.

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