What is the best EQ preset for Soundcore Liberty 4NC

To me The Soundcore Liberty 4NC has a muffled bass EQ by Default (Soundcore Signature). But the Acoustic Preset sounds very pleasent. Anyone have any ideas better than Acoustic?


This is for my q20i but it is probably the same for you.

I am using bass boost on the soundcore app and small speakers on my Spotify. For me it makes the most of my headphones sound quality.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much I’ll try that preset for sure

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I tried the different presets and found that the R&B one was what I liked most, especially after going through the HearID motions and using the “HearID Sound plus Favorite Music Genre” preset. And depending on whether I’m listening to music or a podcast, I’ll have the 3D Surround toggled on or off (when it’s on, there’s an echo on podcasts).

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3D surround is epic, when turned on with live albums!!! Amazing! But not so good for much else

I’ve found that making your own presets,really unlocks the headphones real potential… if you take the time to listen to some good engineered music,and adjust the sliders slowly… then make a few for different types of music you listen to.