What is the PIN for Soundcore Q20 to connect headphones to Windows 10 (Lenovo IdeaPad S145)

I’m trying to connect my Soundcore Q20 headphones to my Lenovo IdeaPad S145 laptop which has Windows10.

I’ve managed to find the device on my Laptop - but now it wants a pin. I’m not sure where I can find said pin.

I have looked at a similar thread on this site - but nothing resolved the PIN issue.


I think most people try 1234 or 0000.
@winfred may can tell you.

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and now my headphones won’t switch on. Despite saying they have full battery power when plugged into the laptop…starting think I should just send them back!

I think it is asking for pin which will be your windows password

@Duane_Lester Hey, Duane. Thank you for letting me know. Sometimes the pin of a windows device can be 1111, too. If not, then you would need to contact the seller of the laptop such as Lenovo customer service.

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Hey, there. Sorry to know that the headphones won’t switch on, please contact service@soundcore.com for further assistance if you fail to reset the headphones by holding the Power button and Volume+ buttons for 5 seconds while the headphones are charging. Regarding the pin you mentioned, you can try upgrading the Bluetooth device of your laptop to the latest version.

I’ve faced the same issue after a reset of Soundcore Life Q20, so you’re not alone :wink:
Some have said on the community to put the device to charge and reset. But I’ve resetted my device without charging and they’ve asked for the password while connecting to Bluetooth and i can’t even turn on or off the device after that.
What I’ve done is just put the device on charge and the issue was fixed.
I guess, you can just put the device on charge and reset it again if you’ve face the same issue again.

I’ve another issue like, the music plays on my mobile device even if it’s connected with the headphone. I don’t know whether the issue is with my mobile or the headphone. Someone please reply if you’ve faced the same issue :slight_smile:

I guess, charging would fix the issue.
We must reset the device only while charging or else I think we all will face some issues like this…
Mine was the same case but I’ve resetted my device without charging the device. But after resetting and then charging have also helped me with the case.