What’s Your Favorite Equalizer?

What device is this EQ for?

I am trying this on my Liberty 2 Airs that I just got. I really like the Soundcore Signature a lot as it is sooo crystal clear. However, at times I find the highs to be a bit piercing if I want to crank the volume in the gym especially.
My old Soundcore Spirit Sports for $35 had THE best sound I’ve ever heard on earbuds. It’s too bad they don’t make those anymore (or any of the neck band style like that). They had dual 6mm drivers and had so much punch and clarity.

Anyway this is what I do to try to boost the bass and take down the shrillness a bit. I kind of wish you could say, pick Soundcore Signature, and have it show in the EQ so you could further fine tune it.

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Just wanna share my favorite EQ for my Rave Neo 2 :smiley: