When Will The Next Gen Motion+ Come Out?

In response to my self, I have no idea!
To be honest, I think of the Motion+ as the best speaker out there not just for it’s price but for pretty much everything else still after 2 years with all of its flaws.

I just got my Motion+ last week and I have to admit, I don’t know how Soundcore will top this off. Not that I’ll be surprised if they make a better one, but as where they’ll take this speaker in its journey.

This speaker is just a proof of concept! Something simple looking with crucial components that engineers will need for testing and demonstrations. Truly it’s a boring looking design which has grown on me; the poorly placed buttons with abysmal practicality of the Bassup (but I do like the Soundcore logo instead of play/pause); the I/O is decent but not special; the body is just a slab of fingerprint databank that the FBI would kill for (especially bad for someone like me that has sweaty palms); I can’t complain about it’s water resistance and that’s pretty much it! Everything looks mediocre save for the driver array. You can basically get any mode or mood for your music. There are many many Custom EQs that can be picked from for different environments. I tested it’s frequency response and it goes from 45Hz to around 13000Hz, not the advertised one but surely decent. By god, when I try my custom eq and place the speaker against a corner, at 50% volume it shakes the floor beneath me fooling me into thinking maybe there’s a full setup of home theatre speaker system!

So having said all of its praises, I say this speaker is just gold! I know this thread is supposed to be about a refresh to the model, but I keep thinking, if this 1st gen was just supposed to be a proof of concept, even though Soundcore can only make it better and even though I’m already impatient to see a new one, I feel like they should take more time and work on another one with even greater specs and greater hype. They’ve taken two years already, I say let them take another two but then leave us again with a speaker that’ll remain the 100$ king for many more years.

Now some humble suggestions if I may for the next one which is more like a wishlist:


  2. Take the previous wish and run the other way with it; aside from stereo tweeters and stereo woofers, please please Soundcore, instead of the Passive Radiator in the front, put two subwoofers in stereo as well!! I know it’s crazy to think how this could fit in this body but this takes me to the next point.

  3. You can increase the size of the Motion+ series if it means more drivers with better magnets and better quality and better sound. It’s already 1kg, just make it 1.5 as no one would care really. There will better separation of sound as well as with this one, the bass can get a bit muddy. If two subwoofers are added to the front, you can put the passive radiators at back of the speaker facing slightly to the ground like the way it is now for that sweet oh so sweet rumble from the base that shakes and reflects off the walls and floor.

  4. You can of course add more colour.

  5. Please have an option for saving multiple custom eqs in the app and designate at least a button for switching between them. Cuz I personally have some different eqs for low, mid and high vol. or for when I’m outside and every time I have to go and manually change the eq!

So that’s all about it, please forgive me if my passionate list of wishes sounded like some pretentious orders. Having said that I will absolutely pay for some valid leaks on when the next one will be out and it’s features.

From DM,
Thanks for reading.


To start off glad you are enjoying it so much. They have three colors available which brings me to say that you can buy another one and pair them together for stereo sound.

They just released the motion boom in October of last year as a follow up to the motion +, so it might be a while before we see a new model.

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A very good point indeed, I have heard nothing but praise for the stereo pairing of the Motion+.

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Really good assessment and I liked the suggestions too.

Hope these get passed through to the designers. Maybe if one comes to fruition they would be give you a shot at a beta…

Great suggestions! I would suggest you upgrade to the newer Motion Boom if you are looking for a sweet deep rumble in the bass. And personally, I find the sound quality overall better.

It uses JBL’s signature bluetooth speaker design with a passive radiator on each end of the speaker, but Soundcore seems to have pulled it off better.

Within a 6dB range, the Motion+ only plays down to about 60hz. This newer Motion Boom does as low as 50hz in the same 6dB range, and can create audible bass tones down to 35hz. The treble extends higher as well, because they used titanium drivers this time around, it runs up to 20khz nicely, making it sound a lot sharper in a good way. There is also very, VERY minimal bass limiting in higher volumes.

And you can save multiple custom EQs to switch between in the app. You also get double the battery life. And it doesn’t get covered in fingerprints because it’s an all hard plastic body this time around, and it is surprisingly durable.


Love your suggestions! I hope they come out with a next gen one too but they do have other colors out currently as others have stated and a bunch of other speakers as well. Personally I’ve been eyeing the blue one for a while now