Where are the Swimmers?

Hi, my question to the soundcore team and to the community interested in headphones for swimming I am really interested, unfortunately there are no headphones that support the ability to connect wirelessly to the Apple Watch on the wrist and stream music offline from the streaming service of my choice My question specifically to the soundcore team is something like this in the pipeline or is it possible to start developing for this it would be a gamechanger in this market.

Ps.: I know the problem with radio waves under water if a wireless connection is not possible, it is also possible to run the Bluetooth module along the arms to the wrist using a cable. This module is simply placed behind the Apple Watch like a wristband and Bluetooth waves can be transmitted without interference due to the proximity.
What’s the opinion of your Development team?

Cornel :slight_smile:


Service@soundcore.com is where you need to direct this too


Thank you, I have also sent it there and we’ll see what happens