Who is listening to internet radio stations?

If so what do you recommend?

I found a fantastic one : classical music of course, free of course. :grinning:
24 hrs. not much “talking” title, comproser, interpret in German.
Everyone will understand who is familiar with classical music.

Are you interested in?

And what you are listening to.
You know me. No streaming, netflix, amazon, spotify etc. :rofl:


I will but mostly will listen to the local as well

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The locals are “too local” :

Always the same :
Crisis, pandemia, problems,
I can not listen to those kind of news anymore meanwhile.

Just local radio.

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Internet radio isn’t something I directly listen to - “stations” on pandora or spotify that are customized to me generally work well though.

I don’t really seek out radio stations. And anything with ads embedded can only work for so long for me.

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I’m personally a local radio station person I also sometimes listen to some of the music stations on my tv as well which I find kind of nice

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I use tunein radio app on my igadgets, and like bbc one the most.

Especially Annie Mac

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I will say that I do use internet radio mostly during the summer time. As we tend to be going on vacation or out on short trips more often.

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