Who knows this French composer?

I would call him a little bit weird, same his compositions are.

Will tell you more and give some examples of his music tomorrow. :grin:

Sorry can not offer something to those who know him.
Haven’t got any giveaway tickets since last september. :joy:

I have no idea who this is yet, so looking forward to some examples tomorrow!

When I give some examples of his compositions you could know him.:smile:

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I actually think I might know this one. Not always good with visuals but I think I’ve seen this one before. Would today happen to be the anniversary of when he died?

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No Kaytlin, no anniversary. :grinning:

I will give more hints



Are you sure cause those photos now make me more sure that I know who it is. Maybe I have the day he died wrong

Who I think it is

Erik Satie who died July 1 which is today just a bunch of years ago hence saying its the anniversary of his death.

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You are perfectly right and even more than this :
Today its is anniversary of death.
Seems we both should work together when creating such small musical puzzles! :smile:

Lets listen to his “strange” but absolut, exceptional compositions tomorrow.

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The hint sealed my answer I remember him from a music class when I was younger, at the time i thought he had cool glasses :joy: its crazy the things that our brains choose to remember.

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No idea. I’ll tune in to find out!

Kaitlyn was right.

Some of his music?

I would say he was the first “minimalist” regarding these pieces.

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I didn’t know of this composer at all, so thank you for sharing and enlightening me.

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Listen to these piano pieces and relax.
Do this two or three times.

It seems very simple but its with such a depth of content.

Its not Debussy, its not Ravel : its Satie

For me the best of these French composers about 1900,
but mostly an absolute forgotten exotic, drowned in Absynth at last.
But his music is composed for ever!

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The veil has been lifted. Thanks for sharing. :+1:

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