Why can’t Flare 2 save more than one preset for its custom EQ?

The Soundcore Flare 2 doesn’t allow us to save more than 1 custom eq but other speakers can, why is that so? We need the option to save more than 1 EQ preset, Thanks

Service@soundcore.com is probably is the best to ask but if I had to guess it is outside of its product life cycle with soundcore. I am meaning they may spend so much time do any fixes or issues or upgrades but will not likely go back to an old product after so much time.

So newer speakers may get upgrades with multiple eq from feedback from users.

Unsure if the can be able to do it due to certain restrictions or such but I would ask anyways

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It could also be something as simple as it doesn’t have the memory to store more that 1. I’m assuming they get stored on the speaker. I know the one you are using does. But as you say, it would be best to ask Soundcore.