Why is Life P2 Mini not able to be used with App?

why would you create a model like Life P2 Mini and not include them as an option to be connected with your Soundcore App?

maybe when people are looking to purchase this model that you tell the customer that it won’t be able to connect to the Phone app. or that I cannot install firmware updates because it won’t connect to the app.

what good is that?

Fair comment.

It is implicit, not explicit, some products don’t have app support as it’s not mentioned.

The P2 and P2i also doesn’t have support.

It is mentioned in a few places e.g. here on Amazon UK

right, ok. I understand. I didn’t purchase them on your site, I did on Amazon so I didn’t see the comparisons

it’s ok really, I’m not upset or anything. these are working really well and I am happy with them. It’s just too bad that they don’t work with the app.


Just some models work with APP, some not.

Hi, @Cflisthebest Regarding your concerns, the chips on our Soundcore Life P2 mini don’t support the APP and the positioning of the product is for users who don’t need an app, so you cannot find this model on the APP’s list. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope that you can understand.

If there is anything we can assist you further, please feel free to drop an email to service@soundcore.com, we always stand behind your product and are ready for help.:heartbeat: