Widget for Android Users

Hey Community,

I thought that it would be quite nice to have a widget that shows the Battery percentage and probably some other information for your headphones that go along with the Soundcore app like the Liberty 2nd Gen Headphones.

Of course that could probably made for iOS devices too.

What do you think about the suggestion?

Do you need an actual percentage? My bluetooth widget shows battery guage when connected to all the devices I own. It might even show percentage if I select more info. I will try it later. (LG V35 is my device)

My iPhone already does this :man_shrugging:

My phone already shows me battery percentage

My iPhone shows a battery level bar next to the earphone icon on top bar, when I connect my Spirit X.

I am very sorry for wasting your time. I am using a Samsung Device too but had the SmartThings panel disabled thats why I could not see the battery percentage.

Thanks for your replies.

It is still a good question and you did not waste no time. I do believe that this is what the community page is for to help others who need help and to talk Anker/Souncore, right.



@Tank I see you’re flexing the liberty 2 pro :laughing:

@luibtk everyone here is glad to help! No ones time is wasted. Just glad you got it figured out :+1:

of course, I been using them all night and day. I left work last night because I was sick and been listening to music and watching movies since. these really do have a great battery life, so far using one earbud i have managed almost 12 hours of use at 70%.


Thanks for all your nice replies :smile:

I believe Android shows in 20% increments but I’m not completely sure.

Well you just blew up that theory.

How you feeling bud?

A lil better, but i can feel im getting sick like with the flu or something. throat got tight and hurts so usually that means ill get the flu within a few days. thankfully i got til Monday to get better

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I knew it was there somewhere, nice screenshots to clearly lay out the location.