Would you recommend using Q35s in gym?

Hello guys,
does anyone have experience with using Q35s in the gym? Does the sweat hurt them or it’s perfectly fine?
Thanks for the answers.

They’ll not intended for sport, there’s no water protection or sweat protection.

However you’d probably be fine.

Challenge you’ll find is you sweat more, you’d fine them uncomfortable.

Alternative would be something like the X10 which has a hook so not so easy to fall off/out and they are designed for damp and sweat.

I personally would not use them for the gym. My son who has ADHD will tend to hop around and will end up sweating some (for when he is not on the meds). He will swap out between the 35s and another brand.

Anyways, the ear cup covering are starting to crack open from his extended use of them. I will need to get some new covers which is only 10 dollars off the soundcore website (I think) but I have never seen a replacement for the head band

I would think after a bit the earcups would get a stink to them. (foam soaking up sweat) or sweat near electronics.

the x10 are good for their new sport series. I would check the spirit series as well as I believe most of those were sweat resistant as well. Spirit X2 , or Spirit Dot 2 are two right off hand